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Explore our sample activities and see for yourself how at every grade level, in every subject, Compass Learning helps you reach each and every student. NOTE: If you don’t see a sample activity in your subject or grade level, download Compass Learning’s course listing or schedule a personalized tour with one of our curriculum specialists!

Sample Activities


While the digital age has been upon us for nearly two decades, transforming nearly every facet of our daily lives, the transformation of the classroom environment has been slow to catch up. In fact, according to a 2010 study, 12% of school districts felt they were “not at all” prepared for digital age, while 70% admitted to being only “somewhat prepared.”

In a world where most students’ computers fit into their backpacks and many own smart phones, engaging and interactive content can turn learning from a chore into experiences to which these "digital natives" will actually look forward.

At Compass Learning, we combine colorful, dynamic, and age-appropriate graphics and audio with explicit instruction and examples to create an exciting and student-friendly learning environment. Quizzes and other assessments embedded in Compass Learning activities provide updates on student progress and drive changes to the prescribed learning path.

Research-based and educator-developed, curricula from Compass Learning deliver targeted, explicit instruction aligned with state standards. A variety of instructional approaches facilitate personalized instruction to motivate students to engage, think, and learn. Home access to online and offline activities supports the school-to-home connection, while also encouraging parent involvement.